“Don’t You Cry,” by Mary Kubica

These days I always feel hesitant when reading books with blurbs describing it as, “The next, ‘Girl on the Train,'” or more commonly, “The next, ‘Gone Girl.” For me, that seems to bring on disappointment with the book, which is often unfair to the book I’m reading. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more, had I not been set to have such high expectations from that comparison. All of this being said, if comparing, “Don’t You Cry,” by Mary Kubica to, “Gone Girl,” gets more people to read it, then I am totally on board.

In this particular case, I am confident the comparison will not be a let down. It is a twisty, tight thriller and I stayed up far past my bedtime to finish it. Ok so I don’t have a bedtime but I really did stay up late reading it. To me, Kubica deserves to be big enough for her own name to be the one that is brought up in blurbs for other books. I think that she will be someday and that someday will be soon.

Like her previous two books, “The Good Girl,” and, “Pretty Baby,” “Don’t You Cry,” has a somewhat deceptively unassuming title for the story behind it. Quinn and Esther have been roommates for about a year and Quinn feels like she knows Esther pretty well by this point. They have their squabbles but Quinn is fairly certain there is nothing mysterious about, “Saint Esther,” who has become her closest friend. When Esther vanishes one night, Quinn is mildly concerned but not overly worried. She figures Esther will be back soon enough. However, the days go by with no word from Esther. Slowly, Quinn begins to unravel the trail Esther has left behind and now Quinn is not just concerned for Esther but also for herself.

Thank you Netgalley for the review copy of this book.



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No my cat did not really review any of these books...or did she? My name is Leslie. I'm an obsessive lover of books, tv shows and movies. (But mostly books.) For every one book I read, I seem to add five more to the stack. I'm no mathematician but I suspect that means I will soon have a home so covered in books that I will have to carve a pathway to the front door, bathroom, kitchen and my bed. You can find me on here, Goodreads, Pinterest and NetGalley.

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